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January 24, 2010 8:15 AM

Experts' NFL Picks From a Friend

NFL_Playoffs.jpgWe get it, unless you are at work, you rarely surf the 'net, and are careful about spending your valuable time in places like the Grill Room. Wandering through cyberspace has become mostly a Monday-through-Friday romp in 2010.

Weekends, and Sundays in particular, are for families, chores, bills, catching up with old relatives on something called a telephone, and maybe even lounging about with the Sunday paper.
Relax, I did say maybe on that last part. In no way was that meant for the under-30s that come by here from time to time during the week to snicker and point fingers at an old guy's perspective (rants) on sports' irrelevance in the grand scheme of things.
I realize you youngsters see little value in 24-hour-old news. Besides, that ink can be so messy...

Anyway, by the time the weekend's over, and you are fully exhausted from all that fun, it's high time to hunker down in your cubicle at work. From behind the safety of your computer screen you get re-energized by firing up the Internet and tuning out the boss.
You flash constant updates on Facebook about how you are feeling, and what you are doing at 10-minute intervals to people alleged to be your friends. Still, you know that true friends would have long ago told you to go away already. Then again, what would they do at work if they didn't have your insufferable updates to groan about, right?

That out of the way, to the two or three of you that ventured into here today -- a Sunday -- welcome.
We plan to make this 90-second stop well worth your time.

If you are a real sports fan, you are most likely killing time until the football comes on. At about 4 a.m. local time, Monday, we'll know who this year's combatants will be in the Super Bowl.
We're on the record predicting that the Saints and Colts will come through, and meet in Miami for all the marbles in two weeks.
Our reasoning is sound, and almost certainly wrong. We take heart, though, knowing nobody has a single clue about what will happen today. By the way, that's the one iron-clad fact you should take from this column.

To prove this point, we have actually spent part of our valuable Sunday away from the newspaper, surfing the net, and dodging all those pop-up ads to bring you these insufferable 'experts' picks for today's big games.

Hang in there, and enjoy the action. The weekend, finally, is almost over, and soon you can get back to your friends...

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