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January 18, 2010 8:49 AM

Jets, Vikes win. That'll teach us...

wade.jpgWe were hoping to keep the Grill Room closed for the holiday, but see that all kinds of Jets and Vikings fans have dropped by to gloat.

Fair enough, let me dig the keys out, and you can stumble on in.

Look, before we apologize for leading you astray in Sunday's NFL playoff action, can we agree that Saturday went completely as we laid it out for you?
You give Saints' coach Sean Payton an extra week to devour film and he'll find holes in your secondary like some overextended dentist seeks out cavities.
Payton is so good when given time to scheme, he'll even manage to make guys look Jeremy Shockey look good.

In the nightcap, Indianapolis was in total control against a Baltimore team that too often plays like it isn't. Sure, the Ravens managed to hang around and keep it a little interesting, but you knew Sheriff Manning and his Colts would make 'em pay for their felonious ways.

Then along came Sunday, and things got back to normal -- up was down, right was left...
We told you Dallas would win close, and the Vikings won big. We told you the Chargers would fly high, and the Jets knocked 'em down with a thud.  

But we pay attention around here, and like to think that we actually learned and re-learned a thing or two Sunday. Sit down, and drink up while we explain... 

Minnesota 34, Dallas 3

What did we learn from THAT?

THAT while there isn't a quarterback alive that likes to be hit, there are few who like it less than Tony Romo. When Romo collapsed untouched in the fetal position on the final play of the first half, most of America knew its team was done.

They had seen that act only two years ago when the Giants knocked Romo all over the lot, and whipped his favored Cowboys in that divisional playoff tilt.

And as much as we'd like to blame only Romo for Sunday's mess, there still seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the way this team, and its 27 All-Pro players, operates.

Once again Wade Phillips wobbled along the sideline mumbling to himself as if in a constipated stupor. With a daddy named Bum, you'd think the guy would smile more. Instead, he looks like Newt Gingrich at an ACLU barbecue.
Of course it can't help that his boss, Jerry Jones, looks over his shoulder like the grim reaper the entire game.

While there really is no bigger treat for America than watching the Cowboys fall hard in a big spot, was it really necessary for Favre to fire that final bullet in the heart of a team that clearly played like it didn't have one all day? Karma took an unnecessary hit there, and at some appointed time in the future Minnesota will pay for running up the score -- even if the Vikes did do Cowboy haters everywhere a real favor.  

Jets 17, San Diego 14

What could we have possibly learned from THAT?

we probably owe Buddy's boy and his J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets, a big apology. We've been just a bit tough on this big-talking bunch this year. That they have been backing up their blather lately, seems a lot like the law of averages to us, though.

More than that, you do realize that if we decide to go as far as an apology, Jets' fans, we're just planting a big, ol' sloppy kiss of death on your team, right?

Probably best for you if we continue to batter your team of big-talkers.

So we'll just say this: The Jets are the best tackling team in the NFL. We imagine it's probably more comfortable rolling around in several nests of fire ants than it is rubbing up against this clingy bunch.Once these Jets latch on to you, they don't let go. Sort of like Buddy's boy when he's got his meaty paws around an ice cream cone, eh? Never mind...

Of course, we were also reminded (again) that Norv Turner most likely will never get that Super Bowl everybody seems to think he is so deserving of.
This was Norv's year. Everything was falling into place. We all knew that if he could just slap aside that pesky Jets team, his Chargers would roll into Indy and dispose of a Colts squad they have basically owned the past three or four years.

Instead Norv's crew played a sloppy, uninspired game, while his kicker choked like some 7th-grader at his first dance. All this allowed the Jets to hang around just long enough to swipe the game.

Now the Jets play the Colts for the AFC Championship, and the Viking travel to New Orleans to vie for the NFC crown. And for some reason you're hanging around here wondering what we think about all that...

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