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January 13, 2010 8:49 AM

Liars and Tigers and Cowboys, oh my!

mark mcgwire.jpgWell, that's what we get.

After serving up news, commentary, and plenty of blather about the sports world, and most particularly the football and golf season the past four-plus months or so, we decided it was safe to crack open the windows, air the place out, and take some well-deserved time off to pursue other things like shoveling snow.

Then, all kinds of sports news broke out...

While we were busy shoveling all this snow, Mark McGwire was busy shoveling his own brand of bull, Pete Carroll was shuffling up to Seattle, and NFL teams like the Jets and Cowboys were unbelievably still playing football as we head into the third weekend of January.
Oh, and there is a strong rumor the golf season got under way. No, seriously.

So, without further ado, our quick take on all these developments.


Mark-ing time
Glad to see Mark McGwire (pictured) is finally closing in on the truth. Unfortunately, like most drug addicts, he's finding out that coming completely clean is the hardest work of all.
Your recent admission that you were a user didn't startle anybody, Mark, but your denial that it had any impact on your ability to hit baseballs five miles is sad and laughable. Let me be the millionth person to tell you that you did yourself no favors the past couple of days.
Good luck with your new gig as batting instructor with the Cardinals. If the up-and-comers in that dugout find your instruction just a bit hard to swallow you shouldn't wonder why.

For Pete's sake
I guess we didn't realize until reading a recent piece on the former USC football coach in Esquire, that during his four years as a NFL coach, Carroll actually sported a winning record (33-31).
During those NFL days of long ago, I remember contending in print that the guy was built to be a great assistant, but didn't have the chops to be the head man.
When things started going bad during a game back when, Carroll had this deer-in-the-headlights look that seemed to say, "I have no idea how to jump out of the way of this coming truck!"
Of course, Carroll did jump, bolting for USC where he returned that program to prominence thanks to some top-notch recruiting, and the ability to communicate and get the best out of this younger generation of athletes.
Whether all that transfers to the NFL is debatable, but I like his chances. Certainly the Seahawks' wisdom in dumping the miserable Jim Mora after only a year was its own little bit of addition by subtraction.

The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets...
Well, we'd eat our words regarding the Jets' chances against the Bengals last weekend, but ol' Buddy's boy, beat us to it.
Gotta admit, that's a rugged team the big guy with the bigger mouth has assembled in Giants Stadium. Sure, Cincinnati ran the ball against that defense, but Carson Palmer was made to look  more like Mark Sanchez than Mark Sanchez, and Chad Ochocinco was actually spotted leaving the stadium last Sunday quietly. What a pity. 
I guess we are most happy for John Sucich, the dogged author of the 200 Miles from the City blog. This dude obviously understands that it hasn't been easy to be green all these years, and is positively reveling in his team's success this year.
We'll bet him one case of good German brew for two cases of whatever slop they are serving in the U.S. these days that the season ends in San Diego Sunday, though -- even if Buddy's boy is still yapping about the Super Bowl. We'll save the American stuff for our German clientele, who will tell you they like American beer because they can drink a lot of it without getting drunk. 

How 'bout those *#!&*#! Cowboys!
OK, we are genuinely starting to get worried that after 14 years, this unlikable bunch has finally figured out some sort of winning formula for the playoffs. Or maybe the Eagles just bring out the best in them.
Either way, there are at least 28 other teams the Vikings would rather see right now, and there are 31 other teams that the patrons of the Grill Room want to see in the Super Bowl.
If the 'Boys get past the Vikes Sunday, they most likely will get another crack at the Saints, whom we know don't match up with Jerry's kids. Yikes!
One question, though: How in the world did you guys lose to that pathetic Giants team twice this year?!

Fore! No really...
The PGA Tour allegedly teed off its season in Hawaii over the weekend. You'll have to dig deep for any confirmation of this, though. It's easier to pin down Tiger Woods' rumored hideout than it is to get a golf sighting on any semi-reputable sports network these days. 

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