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February 3, 2010 9:25 AM

2007 Was, Like, so Long Ago for Wie, Dude

michelle_wie.jpgOK, full disclosure, the items on today's initial offering of "Punch Shots" all come from the website. Nobody I've found on the Internet does a better job of covering the world's most confounding and greatest game.

The comments that are interspersed and follow these offerings, for better or worse, are all property of the Grill Room.

So with proper kudos (re: attribution) to the, let's get started.

Wie does her impersonation of the The Gipper
In an interview with Golf Magazine's Connell Barrett, Michele Wie alleges she doesn't remember much of what happened during a very tumultuous 2007. I mean, like, it was, like, almost, like, three years ago, and all, dude. That was SO, like, not now, ya know...?

Er, anyway...
It seems Wie (pictured) allegedly needed to be reminded, that among other things, that in 2007 she quit in the middle of a round that was on its way to flirting with the 90s, citing a questionable wrist injury.
She was later taken to the woodshed for it by tour heavyweight Annika Sorenstam, and has no recall of that, either.

She goes on to claim that she can't even remember where the U.S. Open was played that year.
I will tread carefully where memory loss is concerned because I have family members that have battled, and are currently battling, this awful condition. At least in their case, age was, and is, the primary culprit.
Wie, apparently, is a very, very old 20.
I'll say this, though: If this is somehow true, Wie's shoddy memory should serve her beautifully on the golf course where putting the previous shot behind you just as quickly as possible is one of the keys to playing the game well.

Hale to the Old Guard!
Speaking of interviews...
The hustling Barrett also caught up to three-time U.S. Open winner Hale Irwin on Monday.
In the exchange, Irwin addresses the tiresome groove controversy and the Ping Eye2s exception, Tiger Woods' serial infidelity, and can be counted among the skeptics who think Woods will eventually pass Jack Nicklaus as the game's all-time leader in major tournament victories.
Before Tiger's bedroom romps, Irwin thought it 'most likely' Woods would be break the record, now he's not so sure.
"He's been propped up on this gigantic pedestal since he was a little kid," Irwin said. "And now there's this huge tumble..."

Three cheers for Irwin, 64, who has always fired as straight from the lip as he does with a 2-iron in his hands. If you were lucky enough to see him hit those low-irons in his prime, you know what we are talking about.

Kim Gunning for Big 2010
Finally, the Associated Press leads its comprehensive roundup with a spot on the mercurial Anthony Kim.
Two years ago Kim, then 22, looked like the next sure thing to take the tour by storm. The kid had all the shots and a proper amount of panache and confidence to go with them.

Last year, Kim seemed to enjoy his success just a bit too much. There were loud rumors of too many late nights out, and too many friends. All this led to questions about just how committed he really was to doing all it takes to be a true superstar on tour.

After rising to No. 6 in the golf rankings in 2008, Kim currently finds himself in the 26th position.

"After the year I had two years ago, even though people said it was a breakout year, I don't feel like I did anything super special," Kim said Tuesday. "I would like to do something super special this year." 

We're betting on Kim to right the ship this year and at least threaten in a major or two. But don't keep it all locked up too tight, Anthony. It's kind of nice to see some emotion on the golf course. 

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