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February 2, 2010 9:42 AM

Arrogance is its Own Reward in NFL

mike-martz.jpgAs we continue the endless countdown toward Super Bowl XLIV in rainy, miserable Miami (we love pointing that out as we type this from snowy, miserable Germany), thought we'd catch up on a few developments around the NFL...

And speaking of miserable, all the primary culprits are shaping today's news...   

Belated thanks to Rex Ryan for once again proving what a fat, insufferable blowhard he is.
Flipping people off is a habit one should probably get hold of right around the end of 8th grade or so. It is certainly something that should be curbed well before you decide to become a leader of men.

And if -- like that cheesecake which lures you each night at the 11th hour -- you absolutely, positively can't hold back, make sure not to flip the bird at Miami Dolphins fans. No need to give your arch-rivals even more incentive to plant you and your team in the ground next year.

Every day Buddy's boy, is showing us the limited distance his fat apple rolled from the Ryan tree of ignorance.
Like his dad, Rex is a great defensive strategist, who by and large is loved by his players, and hated by just about anybody that has to watch his snotty act from the outside.

Genetics are kind of freaky, eh?

An Offensive Hire in Chicago

Speaking of boorish coaches...
Mike Martz has been hired as the Bears new offensive coordinator. 

Let me scratch my head for a minute before getting back to my typing.
Ahh...there...that feels better.

Martz, of course, was the offensive coordinator and then head coach of the Rams "Greatest Show on Turf" during that team's splendid run a decade or so ago.
Martz (pictured) eventually wore out his welcome in St. Louis, though, thanks mostly to an arrogance that would make a professional wrestler blush.

Martz spent the next few years as the offensive coordinator of the Lions and then the 49ers in 2008, before spending this season as an analyst on the NFL Network. 

Now he has been charged by head coach Lovie Smith with turning around boy blunder, QB Jay Cutler, who not surprisingly, shares many of his new coach's ugly traits.
Where's Ms. Manners when you need her?

Aside from not being very likable, Martz's other well-founded reputation was developed from relying on the passing game too much. There has never been a down nor distance that Martz won't throw in.

How this will play in Chicago, where nasty defense and a punishing running game have always been the calling card for success is wide open for debate.

If I were a Bears fan, though, I wouldn't like it one bit. Not that Martz will care.

A Randy Report

Finally, the Boston Globe is relying on a single, unidentified source in its scant report that WR Randy Moss played parts of the 2009 season with a separated shoulder.

Ah, so that explains why he disappeared in big spots all year!

Why in the world, if this is true, is there such secrecy?
Probably because it's bull, that's why.

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