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February 23, 2010 9:26 AM

Canada concedes, and we give thanks

acanada.jpgLet me be among the first to stand up and point out that the world owes Canada a tremendous dept of gratitude today.

No, not because their Winter Olympics contested in sunny, 50-degree weather makes them bathing-suit optional. And certainly not because for the most part they are gosh-darn well-behaved about playing second fiddle to the United States all the time. Don't laugh, that can't be easy.  

No, we are indebted to Canada because yesterday they were kind enough to come down off their high horse and admit that it would take a miracle for them to 'own the podium' and win the most medals in these Winter Games held on the beaches of Vancouver.

That grudging admission came from Chris Rudge, the CEO of the country's Olympic Committee. Rudge is the same dude who crowed about Canada's looming dominance of these Games before they began.
His absolutely stunning concession now makes it so much easier for others to admit they might have been wrong about a few things, and thus allow them to gracefully lower their sky-high expectations. 
But before administering full kudos for that, I think it is important to understand why this powerhouse of sport came into these Games thumping their skinny, but oh-so-masculine chests.
I mean, all you have to do is look at the unbelievable record of excellence the country has accrued in past Winter Olympics to see why they were flying so high with their predictions this time around.

Why, since the first Winter Olympics in 1924, just look at how often the country has owned the podium, and won the medal count!

What's that? They have never won the medal count?
They have never even finished second in the medal count? Ever?!

Oh, well, er, still...

Er, still...It takes a big man to admit when you're wrong, and apparently Rudge is just the guy.
And look what his admission has done for others who got themselves in a fix with over-inflated expectations:

Why, the New Jersey Nets just announced they no longer expect to win the NBA title this year. I mean, given they have five wins alongside about 50 losses this year,  and have never won an NBA title, you can see why they were so confident up to this point. Now, thanks to Canada, they are off the hook.

We just learned that Tiger Woods wasn't perfect, but can you imagine how easy it would have been for him during that tortuous speech Friday, if Canada's shocking admission would have come beforehand? If only, eh, Tiger?

George W. Bush has scheduled a press conference to announce that the whole bizarre "Mission Accomplished" deal aboard that aircraft carrier about nine years ago, or right after the War in Iraq started, was most likely a shoddy, disrespectful thing to do. Thanks, Canada, for taking the burden off of W.

Barack Obama just happily conceded that he won't get a new health-care deal done in his first year of office -- even if he is into his second year already. But no matter, thanks again, Canada, for making it a little easier on our current president, too.

And thanks to you, Canada, I have taken the pressure off of myself to play in a PGA Tour event this year, even if I have only broken 80 a handful of times. Phew!

I mean only you can understand why I might have had such lofty expectations despite my dismal record on the golf course, Canada.
And for that, I am truly grateful.

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