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February 7, 2010 6:57 AM

Colts roll, forget what these bloggers say...

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Was feeling a little frisky this Super Sunday morning and decided to take a quick tour of our hardscrabble neighborhood of bloggers to see what, if anything, these dogged poets thought about the big game.

Oh, and because two or three of you have asked, it was, indeed, a hot time in the ol' Grill Room last night, replete with German bier, pretty girls (led by my wife, of course), and German bier. Many thanks to those of you who attended the festivities. And no worries, I already explained everything away to the German Polizei.

Mostly, I am feeling fortunate that you only turn 50 once...

But back to what my unruly neighbors think about the big game.

  • Jeff Briggs who has trouble picking which side of the bed he'll get out of in the morning, much less football games, is leaning toward the Colts in a close, high-scoring affair. Thanks, Jeff. Nothing like swimming against the current, big guy. Actually, he has typed an entertaining ditty, and even bags the deserving David Caruso for good measure.
  • One of my favorites, John Sucich, who was just released from the Rex Ryan Recovery Wing of some Boston hospital, claims he has the "purest pick you are going to get," though I am still trying to figure out what the heck that means. The guy knows football, though, even if he does have trouble laying off that green Kool-Aid sometimes. John likes the Colts big.
  • Mario Sarmento apparently spent the better part of his Saturday punishing his keyboard for acting up again. Mario gets into all kinds of juicy football-related stuff, before arriving at his Super pick. Sarmento, who's a beat guy for the Dolphins, gritted his teeth and picked the Saints to topple the Colts at the home of his beloved Dolphins. Maybe next year, Mario. Yeah, right...
So far, that's all I've found as far as Super Bowl picks go in the RealClear playground.

What's that?
What do we think will happen later on? Seriously?

Wow, you have a short memory if you are genuinely interested in what we think. Most likely, though, you can't get enough of our incompetence where our predictions are concerned.
Fair enough, wiseguy.
What follows is solid gold:

Look, betting against Peyton Manning and his Colts in this spot would be like laying a couple of Ben Franks down that Chris Berman is going to take a one-hour vow of silence at some point in his life.

The Saints have had a nice run, but while we're being completely honest here, let's all agree that their defense stinks. Can you name a worse defensive unit that's played for a Super Bowl recently?

The only reason this game is at all close is the two-week break.
Sean "Lemon Face" Payton has been busy putting together a game plan that is more comprehensive and complicated than Obama's health care black-and-blue print, and it will work for a little while, anyway.
By the second half, though, Payton's Saints will be exposed more than one of those babes on South Beach, and the Colts will be on their way to a romp in the vicinity of 41-24.

Yer welcome. Now about last night...     

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