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February 9, 2010 6:42 AM

Tiger hometown return possible, not likely

steve-tiger.jpgToday we are going down-under, mates, to tease you to an excellent piece in The Sydney Morning Herald.
And just so you know I know where my bread is buttered, I found the column on the Real Clear Sports homepage.

Proper crediting, and self-interests out of the way, let's hit the first tee...

The thrust of the Herald story has Tiger Woods' longtime caddy and photographer-kicker, Steve Williams, saying there is no truth to rumors that Woods will return to the tour for the World Golf Championship -Accenture World Matchplay Championship which tees off on Feb. 17.

Williams (pictured with Woods) told the Herald that whatever anybody's heard or read about Tiger's return "have no truth to them." Williams seems as good source as any, and better than most, to know Tiger's plans and whereabouts.

Of course most of the speculation among alleged tour insiders, is that Tiger will be around for this year's Masters in April, the season's first major of the year, and a place he has had a great deal of success, winning four times.

The Herald seems to be buying that one and makes the reasoned argument that if Tiger plans to come out of the woods anytime soon, that Arnold Palmer's tournament in both gents' hometown of Orlando, Fla., is as good a bet as any.

It's hard to see Tiger just showing up at Augusta National cold, so getting a warm-up under his belt two weeks before the Masters, and at a place he has won an unbelievable six times, makes sense. And anytime something starts making sense where Tiger is concerned these days it's refreshing and worth repeating. 

I'm going to buy this supposition from our mates from Sydney, with this cool caveat: I've been thinking Tiger might just skip the Masters to prove he is so much more than just golf, and that family is the No. 1 priority on his list. 

So I'll wait before throwing two dollars down and betting on a Bay Hill return, even though it is just a drive and a 9-iron from Tiger's home. Gosh, in theory he could show up, shoot a cool 67, and then return home to his own bed each night.

It's tempting, but I think he waits. But just to show you we have turned the page on taking shots at Tiger and his harem, we will leave it to you to fill in the punch line where that last part about his bed is concerned.

Talk about tempting...   

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