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March 8, 2010 9:43 AM

Ready to Trade Golf for the Circus

acamilo-villegas.jpgI dunno, maybe it's the weather...
Frankly, I've had enough of the snow and cold for one winter...The mailmen can have it (but only on Monday-Friday, of course).

Or maybe, God forbid, I'm suffering from some sort of malicious Tiger Woods' fatigue. Thanks to Woods and his never-ending Thanksgiving holiday, I have been typing about something approximating golf for the past few months when I should have been enjoying a break from the stupid game.

Whatever it is, I just can't seem to shake this malaise that has washed over me where golf is concerned. Try as I might, I can't fire my engines and attack the 2010 professional golf season with the appropriate wise-assed, crazy-eyed cynicism you'd expect from the proprietor of the Grill Room.

It's not as if there isn't some pretty ripe stuff to groan about, either. Frankly, as long as John Daly is stumbling around with his guitar slung over his back and signing autographs for pay somewhere, there is always going to be something bizarre to make light of.

Heck, the Champions Tour actually has a legitimate shot at being relevant and compelling this year -- even if the Golf Channel seems intent on burying it at some odd hour as if it were just its latest infomercial touting a fat rubber band that magically replicates the perfect swing if attached to your torso properly.

Fred Couples, who might be the most notable golfer ever who is impossible to dislike (behind Arnold Palmer, of course), has played three tournaments on the old guy's tour this year, and won two of 'em.
The one he didn't win, he finished second to the ageless wonder, Tom Watson, who is swinging the club as well as he ever has.

And, by the way, if you want to see how to properly take the club back, watch Watson's full, effortless turn. As a guy with a gutless, short back swing, I pretty much hate Watson for his bold, brave take-away.
Then again, he has won eight majors. I am still trying to win my first in my dreams.

There are also loads of young guys from all points on the globe making a run for No. 1 each week on the flat-belly circuit.
There are so many hotshots vying for prominence, it has made any talk about Sergio Garcia seem old. Remember him?  

It was Camilo Villegas' turn Sunday to put another fresh stamp on the old game.
The 28-year-old, Colombian heartthrob coasted to a five-shot victory in the Honda Classic on the tough-as-nails Champions Course at Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Villegas (pictured) was chased most notably by yet more young guys, Anthony Kim, 24, and Justin Rose, who is only 29, even if it seems like he's been around forever.

Then there's Rose's accomplices from England, who once again threw in a strong showing at the Honda. Paul Casey and Lee Westwood both joined Rose in the top 10.

The more they do this, the better the opportunity for me to heap yet more pressure on their broad-ish shoulders. One of these blokes better break through and win a major this year, or I will start referring to their entire cloud-covered country as just some sad imitation of Greg Norman's empire.

And, finally, there's Woods. Now the rumors are stronger than ever that he is working on his game 24/7 and eying the Masters for his return.
In fact, many pundits are speculating he'll play Arnie's tournament at Bay Hill as a primer for Augusta.

Even though I've said such a hurried return kind of renders all those tearful apologies and family talk moot, a good circus might be just what it takes to get me back on my game

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