Young Guns

June 25, 2009 1:42 AM

Misc. RedHawks Notes...

--Yes, I am still alive and kicking!  LOL  Life has been crazy lately and will continue to be so it will likely be a couple more weeks before I get back on a regular blogging schedule.  Thanks to everyone (all 3 of you! LOL) for their patience as I only got 1 mean message about being gone.

--Lots of moves (surprise surprise).  El Duque Hernandez was activated today and Nate Gold landed back on the DL.  Kris Benson is on the RedHawks DL and Neftali Feliz is being moved to the bullpen.  Guillermo Moscoso and Warren Madrigal is back.  Beau Vaughan was sent down to Frisco.

--The Rangers are on a losing streak and their fans are turning back in to Henny Penny...all is right with the world! LOL

--There is an article up on the Hawks website about Max Ramirez and his troubles this season.  I have a problem with the blanket statement that he has improved his defense because the pitchers ERA is significantly less when he catches versus the other 2 catchers.  I suspect that if you look at who Max has gotten to catch, and what their ERA was at the time, and who the visiting teams were and what their BA was, the numbers won't be as drastic.  It's all about timing and who is playing.

--Personal favorite and ex-Hawk John Hudgins was promoted to Portland a couple weeks ago.  Go John Hudgins!

--In Frisco Justin Smoak was activated and Michael Kirkman hit the "DL".

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