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June 7, 2009 8:55 PM

Saturday in Frisco...

--Some how I always manage to pick Frisco games where they have some event going on which results in millions of kids.  Last night was Boy Scout night of all things.  As he pointed out, I also manage to always pick the games where Brennan Garr signs autographs at the entrance.  I think he just signs there a lot though!  RedHawks fans remember that name, because I suspect he will be a fan favorite by next year.  I was watching him interact with people last night as I stood talking to him, and his "fan club" included adult and children fans, the cheese steak guy, and an usher. Talk about a motley crew! LOL I have to admit that he is my favorite person on Frisco to talk to just because he is so laid back and comfortable...of course, that also leads me to say things I shouldn't (which usually involves griping about how bad the RedHawks are playing and usually my opinion of certain players as well!) LOL

--Matt Harrison made a rehab start and was strong.  Jared Hyatt and Beau Jones relieved him, with poor Beau getting the tough luck loss.  Going into the 9th tied, the leadoff batter reaches on a "double" in shallow right field that Adam Fox tried to make a circus catch on and missed.  Ex-Ranger farmhand Cody Clark walked, making it runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs.  After a flyout to RF it was 1B and 3B with 1 out.  On what was called a steal, but should have been catchers indifference, Clark stole second.  Chris Gradoville, who was catching, faked to 2B and then threw to 3rd.  It was not a great throw, but it looked like it nicked off Whittleman's glove, so he should have had it.  Instead, the runner on 3B scored and Clark advanced to 3B.  One more run scored in the inning.  The Riders got one in the bottom of the 9th when Gradoville hit a 1-out double and scored on a Craig Gentry single.  Mitch Moreland had the best non-pitching performance in the game, hitting a pretty HR to LF and then followed that up with a beautiful 1-hop throw to 3B on the fly out in the top of the 9th which made the runner advancing to 3rd a lot closer play that it should have been.  Tim Smith looked good, playing a solid LF and hitting well.  I'm still amazed at how many players I saw play for Clinton last year, are already on Frisco (Mitch, Tim and Renny Osuna).  And I guess I need to thank Jason Hart for vouching for me last year when I saw Clinton because everyone who I have seen from that team this year actually remembers me.  Unlike the year before when the players who should have remembered me (Brennan) didn't! LOL  Okay, I really will let it go now!

--RedHawks got their butts whipped in Albquerque.  Won't even go into detail.  Tommy Hunter was activated off the bereavement list and Beau Vaughan was added to the AZL Roster (though my guess is he is still with the Hawks).  My guess is Clayton Hamilton heads back to Frisco soon and Beau is added back to the AAA roster.

--However, the highlight of the day for me had to be seeing my buddy Terry Bradshaw.  RedHawks fans may remember him as the hitting coach for the Omaha Royals.  He got sent to AA this year for some unknown reason though (yes, the Royals appear to be as stupid as the Rangers on this kind of stuff).    He made me laugh when the first thing he said to me was "I expected to see you in Tulsa."  I guess I am too predictable when players/coaches (especially visiting team!) expect me to travel to see me somewhere during the year! LOL  Anyway, for those who wonder, he is doing well and says the new stadium is nice.

--I still don't understand why Frisco is able to get so many more sponsors and so many more fans (and I use that term loosely) through the gates than the RedHawks.  It's not that the people down there are baseball fans...they pay more attention to Duece and Daisy (the mascots) and the guys throwing t-shirts than to the game.  And its not cheaper...where I sit the tickets are like $40 each (and only available to season ticket holders) but that includes unlimited food, soda, wine and beer.  I think its because Frisco is so much more concerned with making it a positive experience.  They have players sign at every gate before the game and another one in the team store after the game.  There are also tons of player interactions out in the community at restaurants, shops, clinics etc.  They also have more interaction/games between innings and actual concession people who walk through the stands selling everything from beer to lemon chills.  And their season ticket customer service is second to none.  Not only do they reserve promotions only for their season ticket holders, but they are also in constant contact with you.  My season ticket holder rep has already e-mailed me at least 8-10 times this season and has probably called me 3-4 times.  That is probably too much, but at the same time its nice to know he is responsive and I really do believe he wants to go out of his way to keep me happy.  I'm not complaining about the way the Hawks handle things or anything, but I am just amazed at how much better Frisco is at creating an "experience" and I think that is why they are rewarded by such large crowds.

--On an unrelated note, I am so excited I have to share.  The Palm Pre came out yesterday and after running all over the OKC Metro area, I was able to score one!  It really is as cool as the iPhone, and maybe cooler, and a great alternative for Sprint users.  Most places are sold out by now, but definitely think about it when you upgrade!   

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