Young Guns

June 5, 2009 9:10 PM

Some Frisco transactions...

--Lots of moves in Frisco over the past couple of days.  The Rangers placed Dustin Majewski on the DL and promoted Tim Smith from Bakersfield.  Tim was one of the kids I got to meet from Clinton last year who I really liked so this is good news.  Omar Poveda was transferred from OKC to Frisco and the Riders also signed LHP Ryan O'Malley.  I want to say I remember O'Malley from the I-Cubs a couple years ago but I won't guarantee that.  The sad news is that the Rangers released ex-Hawk Kea Kometani.  Considering the way they treated him this year I can't say its a surprise, but it still sucks.  Looks like Eric Fry took Tim's spot on the Bakersfield roster.

--Should I even gripe about the fact that Frisco loses an OF and immediately gets a replacement but the RedHawks are short on position players and see no reinforcements?

--The Rangers play my Sox this weekend in Fenway and I fully expect that we will sweep, even though the Rangers lucked out by not having to face the top of our pitching rotation.  Of course, even our worst players could beat them, so...LOL

--Looking forward to seeing my buddy Terry this weekend!  And maybe if there is enough time a couple of my favorites on the other side of the field as well.

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