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August 8, 2009 3:13 PM

Borbon up, McCarthy rehab start tonight...

--With Nelson Cruz still having an issue with his ankle and a backup outfielder needed, the Rangers designated Vincente Padilla for assignment and called up Julio Borbon.  The Rangers DFAing Padilla is a little bit of a surprise.  They have had issues with him this season (remember when they put him on waivers earlier this season?) but I wouldn't have expected them to release him during the season. Of course, as soon as he was released, the infamous Rangers spin machine goes into action and says what a horrible person he is...I'm waiting for the report that he robs little old ladies and steals walkers from little old men. I don't know him and don't really have an opinion on him, other than to say that part of me hopes the Angels sign him and he is pitching against the Rangers and gets the decisive win that keeps them from the playoffs...I think that would be pretty funny.

--Dustin Majewski was called up to OKC to replace Julio on our roster.  Who I really feel bad for is Brandon Boggs.  Remember, Brandon spent most of the season last year up in Texas and was the name being floated earlier this week to go up if Nelson had to go on the DL.  Instead, this is the second time Julio has gone up over Brandon.  I think part of it is that Ron Washington seems to love him some Julio, but I still think it sends a message to Brandon that he has been leap frogged in the depth chart.

--Well, since it is starting to look like we won't be in the playoffs, I've been trying to figure out which teams I am rooting to see in the Bricktown Showdown.  Of the contending teams, I am rooting for Gwinett in the IL because that is Brooks Conrad's team.  In the PCL, I think Sacramento has to be the favorite yet again.  It's also interesting to see what a strong division the Pacific South is this year.  Usually the weakest division other than Sacramento, this year every team is at least at .500.  The second place team, Fresno, which is 6.5 games back, would be leading any other division.  Las Vegas, which is the last place team 12.5 games back, would be in 2nd place in every division but the American North, and would be about 4 games back.  If we were in the Pacific South division with Sacramento we would be in last place, 13.5 games back.  Wow.

--Brandon McCarthy kicks off his rehab today pitching 2-3 innings against the Sacramento Rivercats.  It has the potential to be really ugly.

--Tough night in Frisco for personal favorite Kasey Kiker who gave up 6 runs in the fourth without recording an out.  On the flip side, it says a lot about how his season has gone when he still has a 3.50 ERA after an outing like that.  I'm still hopeful that he is an August RedHawks call up which may happen if Frisco is out of the playoff hunt.  When Nelson is healthy I suspect that Julio comes back down and a pitcher (though at this point I have no clue who) goes up.  Considering our starting rotation consists of Kris Benson, Luis Mendoza, Bryan Corey, Brandon McCarthy, Elizardo Ramirez and Guillermo Moscoso, I think it would be pretty easy to find a spot for Kasey.  Fingers are crossed!

--Slightly off topic, but while I am thinking of it I am going to share.  One of my friends from law school (who is now actually a judge in Missouri--how scary is that!) is in town this weekend for the first time since we graduated so I arranged a get together of our old law school posse who are still in the area.  About 20 of us showed up and had the most awesome time.  I haven't seen some of them since we graduated (more years ago than I care to admit!) and yet we all immediately jelled and in a way it was like we had never been apart.  It's because we were a team.  For 3 years we lived together, ate together and studied together and were a "team".  It was a good balance because some of us were at the top of the class and others were in the bottom half, but it didn't matter because we all had something to offer.    Anyone see where I am going with this?


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