Young Guns

August 3, 2009 3:09 AM

Feliz, Mathis up, Madrigal down...Davis up tomorrow?

The Rangers made several moves before today's game.  They called up Neftali Feliz who had been in Texas.  They also recalled Doug Mathis about an hour into today's RedHawks game and he was seen coming in from the bullpen and then leaving with his bags.  They also activated Frankie Francisco and optioned Warner Madrigal to OKC.  The other moves were adding Ian Kinsler and Jason Grilli to the DL (which is why they were able to recall Mathis before his 10 days in the minors was up).

Pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if Neftali or Doug are not sent back down tomorrow (assuming they pitch tonight) and Chris Davis is called up.  The reason for my supposition is that he stayed after the game and signed autographs for the kids for about 10 minutes.  I've never seen him sign after a game, and a lot of times players will do that if they are told they are going back up.  We'll see tomorrow if my speculation is dead on, or dead wrong.

Another sad game for the RedHawks.  Good game for personal favorite Royce Huffman who had a HR and a double.  The killer play had to be made by Willie Eyre.  After making a beautiful catch on a combacker to the mound for out number 2 with runners on first and third, he threw away the ball trying to catch the runner off first (which he would have done with a good throw) and allowed another run to score.  Good game for ex-Hawk and Red Sox Brian Esposito who went 2-4.

Mathis and Neftali going up with only Madrigal coming down gives us an open spot on our roster.  I'd love to see them call up personal favorites Brennan Garr or Kasey Kiker (we need a starter unless they move Mendoza or Corey back in the rotation), but I suspect its more likely that Clayton Hamilton is activated. 

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