Young Guns

August 6, 2009 12:27 AM

German up, Arias down, McCarthy to Hawks and other notes...

--Per TR Sullivan, the Rangers have optioned Joaquin Arias back to OKC and purchased the contract of Esteban German.  They DFA'd John Bannister to make room on the 40 for Esteban.  I'm happy for Esteban, but that is a huge blow to any hope we had to make the playoffs (if the series against Round Rock didn't already do that).

--Beau Vaughan has a new blog post up, with this week's victim being Chris Davis.

--Josh Rupe has been reassigned to the bullpen (or at least he was there last night).  I'm curious to see exactly what that means.  Our rotation now includes Kris Benson, Elizardo Ramirez, and Guillermo MoscosoLuis Mendoza started this homestand as well, so I assume he is back in the rotation.  That leaves 1 spot open.  It's unclear if it will be filled by Bryan Corey who made a spot start in place of Doug Mathis (who has since been called up)  or if someone like Omar Poveda or Kasey Kiker will be called up to fill the spot.  I REALLY, REALLY hope its the latter!  [EDIT] Well, let's go with option number 3.  Brandon McCarthy will be rehabbing with the Hawks and will start Saturday.  He is expected to make at least 4 starts with us so that will bring us to the end of August.  Let's hope his rehab goes better this time than the last time he was here.  Ugh! 

--As I speculated, Clayton Hamilton has been activated off the DL. That means still no Brennan or Andrew.  I have hope it happens before the end of the year though.

--Off topic rant, but what is the deal with parents not teaching their kids manners?!?  At the end of the game last night Casey Benjamin slid a bat in front of me on the dugout.  Meredith thought he was trying to give it to me (but I'm not convinced since I never asked him for one) but I was annoyed as all get out when this kid who was sitting about 6-7 seats down runs down to my seat and tries to grab the bat out of my hands.  He wasn't successful (and I let him know my annoyance).  The sad thing is that if he had asked instead of trying to grab it, I would have given it to him.  Instead I gave it to a very nice young girl who had been trying to get a ball all night and didn't (although her brother did).  Boy, was there a lot of ha-ha, my bat is better than your ball after that! LOL  Of course, I guess I shouldn't be surprised since we frequently have kids who walk in front of us during the game (or even worse STAND in front of my seat (in my leg room space) trying to get a ball or an autograph).  I understand that you are excited and want a ball or what not, but have some consideration for others around you.  Of course, their parents are usually standing there TELLING them to push in front so I guess its hard to pick up manners when your parents don't have any! Ugh!  That's why I loved it when Marshall McDougall used to make them say please and thank you when they got his autograph.  As he said, their parents may not teach them manners but he sure as heck will!  Okay, off my soapbox...



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