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August 15, 2009 4:19 PM

Mendoza throws no hitter...

--The first home no-hitter in RedHawks history was thrown last night by Luis MendozaChris Davis stayed hot, batting in 3 of the RedHawks 5 wins.  Hawks are still 5 games behind Albuqerque for the division title as the Topes also won last night.

--The good news continues as my Red Sox won what had to be a totally demoralizing loss for the Rangers last night in the 9th inning...with 2 outs...after our pinch running pitcher (yes pitcher!) almost blew it with a bad baserunning play (tell me again why you have Buck of all people running the bases anyway?!?)  My Sox pounded Rangers closer Frankie Francisco for 5 runs, topped off by a 2-run HR by JD Drew.  Can I get a WOOOOO WOOOOO?  That puts us 1.5 games ahead of the Rangers in the wild card race.  Rangers pitcher Derek Holland is my boy, but sorry Derek, you're pitching against my Sox and your going down! LOL

--Down in Tulsa there was an extra inning loss for Frisco.  It was the weirdest game.  The score was pretty close (2-0) early on, but Frisco seemed out of it.  They took the lead in the 6th and I was starting to think it may be a quick win (or at least hoping since its a 2 hour drive home!) but a tough 8th, including a key error, allowed the Drillers to tie the score and send the games into extra innings.  I guess the way the bottom of the 12th started was an omenWith Thomas Diamond pitching, Johnny Whittleman made a beautiful defensive play on a ground ball, ranging far to his left and threw the ball in time to Chad Tracy at 1B.  The umpire said Chad was off the bag, but based on his reaction I doubt that.  The next batter lays down a sac bunt followed by a walk and a strikeout.  The next batter was Tulsa leadoff hitter Rex Rundgren (yes, he is the son of Todd Rundgren) who was hit square in the head with a TD fast ball.  It was such a scary sound.  After spending a few minutes on the ground, Rundgren got up and took his base.  The next batter comes up (2 outs, bases loaded) and hits a no doubt grand slam into the net in LF, ending the 4 plus hour marathon and I finally got home at about 1:30 this morning.  

It was my first Riders game since the beginning of June so it was good to get to see all my favorites again.  Kasey Kiker, Marcus Lemon and Brennan Garr were as cool as always.  I'm happy to report that Thomas Diamond is back to himself (I guess he has adjusted to being back in AA).  I still really like Blake Beavan.  He's still cocky, but it's an acceptable amount.  Speaking of Blake, here is an interview he gave MiLB recently.  Based on some of the interviews I read after he was drafted, I am guessing he had a Crash Davis type interview protocol lesson.  I was very surprised to see Dustin Majewski back with the Riders last night.  Turns out that Mitch Moreland broke his foot when he fouled a ball off his foot on Thursday, neccesitating the move since the Riders had no back up OF.  That clears up a spot on our roster for Max Ramirez to be activated in the next couple of days so look for Royce Huffman and Casey Benjamin to get time in LF until (if) Julio Borbon returns. 


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