Young Guns

August 22, 2009 6:06 PM

Misc Rangers MiLB Notes...

--That was a tough series to watch for so many reasons.  Not only did the Sky Sox sweep, pushing the Hawks 7 games back in the division race with 18 to play, but we looked totally out of sync.  I really hope its not the "let's just get the season over" attitude that starts to show up on some teams around this time of year.  I don't think it is based on the way we played against Salt Lake, but I have to admit that thought is always in the back of my mind after CJ said that players have made sure the season isn't extended so they can go home.  I think even if some of the guys do have that kind of attitude more veteran players like Royce and Kevin will keep them in line.

 --Beau Vaughan's victim this week is Brandon Boggs, one of the more interesting personalities on the team this year (yes, that is a compliment).

--Tough loss for my Sox last night against the dreaded MFYs, but at least the Rangers lost!  This weekend I am rooting for the Rays and in a couple of days I will actually find myself rooting for the MFYs...never thought I'd see that day THAT happens! 

--Kevin Richardson gave an interview on his time in the can feel his excitement off the page.  It's always good to see the good guys get rewarded.

--Frisco's loss again last night pushes them to 5 games back in the division with 17 left to play.  If they are out of contention on the 1st, it will be interesting to see what roster moves are made.  If the Rangers are still in contention for the wild card, they are likely to call up players when the rosters expand, but not as many as they may have in previous years.  I expect Chris Davis (if he hasn't already), Guillermo Moscoso, and maybe Luis Mendoza to go up on or around the 1st with Brandon Boggs and Greg Golson also possibilities.  The Rangers usually call up 3-4 players on the 1st with the rest going up when our season ends.  If that happens, it is possible that we may see players like personal favorites Kasey Kiker and Brennan Garr finally become Hawks during our last week.  It will be interesting to see.


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