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August 1, 2009 6:55 PM

Random Musings...

I thought the worst thing that would happen to me this year as a Red Sox would be being swept by the Rangers...I was wrong.  The news earlier this week that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were among the players who tested positive for steroid use in 2003 was disturbing on so many levels.  I'm not surprised about Manny, but I'm shocked by Papi.  Few players in recent years have embodied what it means to be a Red Sox as well as Papi.  He loves the Sox and the Nation and we love him whole heartedly in return.  The rags to riches story that he represents parallel's Red Sox history where we went from perennial underdog to world series champion.  And now we find out that that history is tainted.  Call me naive, but I thought our core players and our organization was above that.  It's disturbing to find out we aren't.

Bob and I debate this all the time.  He thinks steroid use is no more cheating that using a spit ball or a corked bat, and that it shouldn't keep you from the hall (he's a Cards fan of course).  I don't know, to me steriods are so much worse and affects the integrity of the game.  As a result, the white on our uniforms is looking a little less pristine to me today.  I really hope no more names from that list are revealed...even Yankee names.  I don't see what good it does for anyone.  And I really hope I never see this taint touch any of the Red Sox greats that I grew up revering.  David Ortiz is heartbreaking.  Yaz, Jimmy Rice, Freddy Lynn, Dewey Evans et al would be devistating.

Speaking of disappointing, the RedHawks lost 3 of 4 in Albuquerque, including one game where we gave up 23 runs.  Yes, I said one game.  That's a franchise record.  A couple of moves happened on the road with Guillermo Moscoso going up, and then right back down.  Other new RedHawks include Willie Eyre and Doug Mathis while Joaquin Arias and Warner Madrigal were called up to the Rangers.

Beau Vaughn takes on Frisco pitchers Michael Kirkman and Blake Beavan in his current blog.  And a little bit of useless trivia...apparently Blake and I share a nickname.  I'm pretty sure that is the first time that has happened! :-) LOL

The trade deadline has passed with the Rangers making no trades.  I'm happy that my favorites like Hank Blalock, Derek Holland and Joaquin Arias are still around, but at the same time I was hoping that some of the pitching backlog at OKC would be cleared out so Andrew and Brennan would finally be RedHawks.  It's starting to look like it ain't going to happen this year.

Speaking of famous (or infamous?) Red Sox, Billy Buc will be at the Brick tonight, throwing out the first pitch and signing autographs.   


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