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August 16, 2009 2:13 PM

Richardson a big leaguer...

--Some of my favorite stories in baseball are the feel good stories where players who have toiled in the minor leagues for several years (and in most cases, several different teams) finally have their dreams realized and are called up to the big leagues.  Two names that immediately jump to mind are personal favorite Rick Short and Bobby Scales.  You can now add Kevin Richardson to that list.  The Rangers placed Jarrod Saltalamacchia on the DL and purchased the contract of Kevin yesterday.  His visit may be short as the Rangers have said they are actively looking for a catcher, but for now he's a big leaguer.  Friday he catches a no-hitter and Saturday he is in the major leagues...sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! LOL  Anyway, congrats to Kevin who is one of those good guys you have to root for and its always nice when they are rewarded!  Hopefully the next one is personal favorite Royce Huffman.

--Max Ramirez returned to the RedHawks to take Kevin's spot on our roster.  He just started playing against after several weeks, so expect him to be a little rusty.  The other new addition to our roster is Jailen Peguero who the Rangers signed and placed in our bullpen.

--RedHawks almost had 2 back to back no-hitters against the Bees.  Great outing for Guillermo Moscoso who had a no-hitter going until the 6th inning.

--Great offensive night for the Riders in NW Arkansas.  Every Rider had at least one hit and 1 RBI.  Not as good a night for starter Blake Beavan who gave up 5 earned (6 total) on 10 hits in 5 innings.

--Gosh, I really wonder if the DMN realized how bad it would be when they let Evan Grant go.  Is it just me or has their coverage and blog become pretty much worthless?

--Yukon left-handed pitcher Chad James has signed with the Marlins.  He may be our favorite RedHawk in a couple of years!


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