Young Guns

September 8, 2009 7:13 PM

Closing Time for RedHawks (and most of the Rangers farm)...

--Exciting come from behind win yesterday afternoon in Memphis to end our season on a high note...if 1-4 can be considered a high note of course!  The late inning heroics is something we have become used to this season, with Casey Benjamin's 3-run HR doing the damage this time.  Despite the near mendoza line performance from Casey this season, he always seems to find a way to come up with the big play, either on offense or defense.  I still remember the first time I met him in Clinton in '05.  I had asked a bunch of then Frisco Roughriders which future RedHawks I wanted to meet and he was on list.  When I told him that he was so excited...not to meet me (go figure! LOL) but because he teammates thought that he was a future RedHawk.  It's funny, if you had asked me back then, I would have predicted he would have been one of my favorites.  I have no problems with him and like him well enough, but for some reason he never screamed "favorite" to me once he was here.  It's really funny how often that happens.  In 2007 I picked Tug Hulett as my 2007 favorite RedHawk but Kevin West ended up really being my favorite...I guess the point is that its never a good idea to pick until you get to know them, because you could end up making the wrong choice! LOL

--What is worse than getting blown out in the division with 3 weeks to go?  Ask Colorado Springs fans who saw their team choke and lose the division to Tacoma on the last day.  Three weeks ago Colorado Springs looked like the can't miss team, but a loss yesterday against Tacoma gave Tacoma the title.  Meaning Colorado Springs has still never made it to the PCL playoffs.  They were in the same situation that we were...the parent club and AA team were both battling for playoff spots causing them to lose players and maybe not get the same quality player in return.  I would be so ticked if I were a Sky Sox fan.

--The Oklahoman takes a look at some potential future RedHawks.  Of course the one I am most excited about on that list is personal favorite Kasey Kiker who hopefully will bring his buddies Andrew Laughter and Brennan Garr with him!  Otherwise, the only other ones on the list who are likely to start with the Hawks are Omar Poveda and Justin Smoak.

--I've heard speculation that the White Sox may be our new parent club starting in 2011.  I think that is something I could get behind.  I have a friend in Charlotte who has nothing but good things to say about the players which is good.  The down side, other than Chicago being quite a drive, is that their AA team plays in the Southern League so it would be a lot harder to follow the players on their way up.  The Astros are also a possiblity...I think it would be kind of cool to watch pitchers least at first.  The Astros have always had some of the nicest prospects which is also key.  I still think Florida is an outside possibility because I am not sure that they are that happy in New Orleans.

--Hope you all had a good labor day and here's hoping for a fruitful off season!



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