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September 4, 2009 5:46 PM

RedHawks 2009 home season comes to an end...

Yesterday was one of those days when I am reminded how different my perception is from Rangers fans.  Personal favorite Tim Smith and catcher Manny Pina (who I also liked) were traded to Kansas City for pitcher Danny Gutierrez.  Rangers fans think its a good trade...two expendable prospect players for a pitcher who has a huge upside though apparently also has some "Juan Dominguez" type issues.  I just see it as one more favorite who won't be a RedHawk.

Two potential favorite RedHawks (if the Rangers don't jump ship) have to be Jared Bolden and fellow URI-alum Zach Zaneski.  Not only did we go to the same school and are both "New Englandahs", but he is also smart enough to like the Red Sox.  My kind of player! LOL

A fitting way for the season to end.  A come from behind walk off win in extra innings.  Whatever else I may say about this team, and this year I had a lot to say!, one thing I will admit is that they never gave up and played some exciting games!

This year more than any other I was ready for the season to end.  I have to admit that my enjoyment of the season lessened after the Rangers stole, sent down or released all of my favorites (other than Royce and Kevin) by May.  It was still sad to see it end though.  Look for that to be the last time we see personal favorites Josh Rupe and Joaquin Arias in RedHawks uniforms.  They have been staples for so long, either here or in Texas, that it is going to be weird without them.  Selfishly I'd like to see personal favorite Royce Huffman back next season, but for his sake I hope he signs with a team that will give him a shot at that elusive call up he so long as they play in OKC next season while he is still with the team! LOL

I'm also excited about next season.  I have so many favorites down in Frisco ranging from Kasey Kiker and Blake Beavan to Andrew Laughter and Brennan Garr on the pitching staff and Mitch Moreland, Marcus Lemon and Jonathan Greene as position players that we have a chance to have a really cool team next season (assuming they are promoted of course!)  We may also luck in to another cool "veteran" player or two.

A Frisco win last night, along with a Midland win, leaves Frisco 2 behind in the battle for the TL South 2nd half title with 4 to play.  Frisco battles Corpus Christi tonight while Midland takes on the beleaguered San Antonio Missions (who ironically enough won the 1st half championship).  The season ends with 3 games at Midland.

And to my buddy Lawrence if he happens to read this, it was fun this season "Last name guy" and you will be missed next year!  Stay safe and out of harms way wherever you are stationed!



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