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September 2, 2009 5:57 PM

RedHawks = Hodge Podge

Those of you who have paid for your season tickets and get to take BP tomorrow, make sure you play really hard!  Maybe the Rangers will sign you too and assign you to the RedHawks!  Am I being facetious?  Yeah, probably slightly...but its not too far from the truth. 

The latest round of RedHawks moves include Justin Smoak and Emerson Frostad leaving to go play in the World Cup (along with Kasey Kiker, Tim Smith and Mike Bianucci--interestingly, Luis Mendoza's request to play with Team Mexico was denied), Esteban German and Brandon McCarthy ending their rehab assignments and returning to Texas and other call ups (be it contract purchased or actual call up) include Guillermo Moscoso, Kevin Richardson, and Warner Madrigal with Willie Eyre likely to go up before this weekend.  Brandon Boggs  hit the 60-day DL with a dislocated shoulder...that he has been playing through for a couple of months...until the Rangers needed his spot on the 40-man roster.  The Rangers also purchased the contract of Craig Gentry from Frisco and designated Thomas Diamond for assignment.  Andrew Laughter and Engel Beltre were activated and added to Frisco and Michael Main has apparently landed in Bakersfield. 

Ryan Freel was a RedHawk for 3 days before deciding to go home.  Other new RedHawks are Kevin Thompson (from the Fort Worth Cats), Chris Cooper (from Team Italy), Mike Wood (because he wasn't bad enough the first time he was here), Justin Leone, Zack Zaneski (from Spokane) and Jared Bolden (from Hickory).  If you are scratching your head and saying "Huh?" you aren't alone.  Part of me respects that they aren't messing with Frisco (who is trying to win a playoff spot) and Bakersfield (who has made the playoffs) but it also grates since we aren't given the same courtesy when we are trying to make the playoffs. 

Matt Peterson has an interview with the aforementioned Chris Cooper and another one on good guy Adam Fox.

Apparently Greg Golson has a sore wrist which is likely why he was not called up to Texas. 

Beau Vaughan apparently got slammed for his latest interview he put up with the recently called up Craig Gentry.  The Rangers were apparently upset that he announced Craig's call up before they did (this is something they are serious about too...I got a phone call and got yelled at when I posted that Sam Narron was called up a few years ago).  They also didn't think the "subject matter was appropriate".  My first thought is to say whatever.  Beau has been pushing the edge all season and while its not for everyone, I thought his blogs were funny.  This is the second time they have called a player to task for something they said on the internet (CJ Wilson being the other).  I understand the concern that the player represents the organization and you don't want to make the organization look bad.  On the other hand, I think that is the chance you take when you ask a player to go out and do PR for you (and reap the benefits).  They are just kids who are having fun, and helping promote their organization, so I think they should be given some leeway.  As a fan I appreciate the interaction with the players (which has declined as the Rangers hold on control has tightened)  but I don't want to just read "yeah, rah team!" stuff.  Okay, off soap box!

Two more home games, including tonight.  I've been dealing with the flu for the past few days (not fun!) but hope to make it to both of the games to close out the season...and watch a team I don't even recognize play ball.

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