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March 20, 2010 1:18 PM

Random minor league rangers notes...

I'm not going to discuss the "hot topic" of Rangers world lately, namely Manager Ron Washington failing a drug test and admitting to using cocaine last year and other drugs as a player.  It's done, it's over.  It's a black mark against he and the Rangers sure, but I don't see it as more than that.  Okay, one comment.  I do think its funny the way the Rangers mouth pieces are trying to bad mouth the national reporters who are discussing this story.  Don't shoot the messenger boys...

Tommy Hunter went down with a strained oblique.  Bad luck for Tommy who went from 4th starter to starting the year on the DL in a matter of seconds.  That means there are now 4 pitchers, Matt Harrison, CJ Wilson, Derek Holland and Brandon McCarthy fighting for 2 rotation spots.  McCarthy had a horrible outing yesterday, hurting his chances.  TR Sullivan speculates that right now Harrison and CJ are the front runners for the last 2 spots.  I still have a hard time believing CJ won't be in the bullpen, but I guess we will see.  Ron Washington says that Tommy isn't guaranteed his spot in the rotation back when he is healthy.

A likely interesting read this season is Rangers' Reliever Darren O'Day's weekly journal during the season.

The Rangers have started sending players to minor league camp.  Three of the expected power bats in OKC, Justin Smoak, Mitch Moreland and Chad Tracy were included in this group as were Marcus Lemon, Emerson Frostad and Kasey Kiker.

Some ex-Redhawks/Rangers signings include Kiki Calero (Mets), Mike Wood (Rockford - Northern Lg),  Ryan Knippschild and Jim Fasano KC - Northern Lg.), Broc Cauffman (Fargo- Moorehead - Northern Lg.),  Ace Walker (Winnepeg - Northern Lg.), Freddie Thon (Joliet - Northern Lg.), Reggie Revard (Calgary - Golden Lg.), Jose Morban and Lou Pote (Edmonton  - Golden Lg.), Sidney Ponson and Joselo "Yo-Yo" Diaz (Long Island - Atlantic Lg.), Matt Riley (York - Atlantic Lg.), Ben Harrison and Casey Benjamin (Southern Maryland - Atlantic Lg.), and  Anthony Webster was released by Sioux City of the American Association.

I have finally caved and decided to join the Twitter world.  I've enjoyed getting updates from the DMN and FWST reporters while they are in Arizona so I am thinking I will try to do the same thing from games during the season.  It won't be every day, heck I don't even update this blog that often!, but whenever something interesting or exciting happens, I'll do my best to remember to Tweet about it.  If you'd like to follow me, or offer comments, I'm @YoungGunsMiLB.

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