Young Guns

April 9, 2010 1:11 PM

The morning after...

I'm still freezing and my throat is sore from all the hollering (I guess I need to work up to being loud! LOL) but overall a fun night despite the extra innings....after leading 3-1 in the 9th...and Pedro Strop giving up a single and HR on 2 pitches....but I am not bitter! LOL

The highlight of the night had to be the "duck race" in the 3rd inning.  A pair of ducks took 4-5 laps around the field (in the air) chasing each other which caught the attention of the whole stadium.  It was pretty funny!

I was right that Emerson Frostad is our backup catcher following the promotion of Matt Treanor before the season even began.

Anyway, on to last night's game.  The good:  had to be the pitching of Derek Holland and the defense of Gregorio Petit.  It was almost like watching Kelly out there on the field again.  I had decided before the season started that Mitch Moreland was going to be my 2010 favorite RedHawk, but he may now have some competition for that "prize". LOL  Justin Smoak, both offensively and defensively, was in the good category last night. The bad:  Craig Gentry taking a fastball to the head (it sounded horrible), Pedro Strop giving up 2 runs on 2 pitches, and Matt Brown's throwing error in the top of the 13th which eventually cost us the game.  After 4 hours in the cold, I wanted a win!  He played hard throughout the game though, so I am willing to cut him some slack on that throw.

It looks like I am going to have a fun section this year.  Last year it was Meredith, Ashley and I in the front row, Lawrence and Karina in the second row, and pretty much now one else until the 3rd or 4th row.  This year Meredith and Ashley both didn't renew their seats and while Doug did, he only comes to 1-2 games a year so I was afraid it would be a dud.  However, a nice couple took Ashley's seats, Victor took Meredith's seats, and 2 brothers and another nice couple sit behind us, and they all have season tickets.  If last night was anything to go by, we are going to be the loudest and most interesting section in the stadium! LOL

Snuggie night tonight for the first 2,000.  It's going to be another cold night so we will need them.  Brandon McCarthy on the mound so hopefully not another loss.  Hopefully my phone will actually work tonight so I can do some twitter updates.  Tweetfree wouldn't let me access it all night.

See ya at the park!

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