RCS NFL Scoop Counter

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Chart Data

ReporterScoop Count Gold Stories Silver Stories Bronze Stories
Jay Glazer (Fox Sports)15 2 3 3
Chris Mortensen (ESPN)9 2 1 1
Adam Schefter (NFL.com)8 0 2 4

At RCS, we have decided to keep track of who gets the scoop, and then quantify the breaking stories to determine who is the Royalty of Reporting NFL news.

Whenever a newsworthy story is reported, we will give points to the person that broke it. The scale ranges from 1-3 points, with one awarded for a smaller scoop (i.e. injuries, signings) and three for a bigger story (i.e. trades, Herm Edwards showing good clock management). Think of it as the reporters competing for a gold, silver and bronze medal. 

Just click on the reporters name in the table for breakdown of the scoops they have broken this year.