10 Questions with Kevin Blackistone
8. AOL FanHouse
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: You of course now work for AOL FanHouse, which in a lot of ways covers sports in a new and unique way. The FanHouse front page combines some of the features of a blog, such as a rapidly moving center column, and some features of a traditional sports web site. So do you now consider yourself a sports columnist, a sports blogger or some combination of the two?

Blackistone: I'm a sports opinionist. Sometimes I deliver my thoughts in a traditional column form, with which I'm most comfortable. Sometimes I spit out what would best be described as a blog. A couple times a week I go on ESPN's Around the Horn and vocalize what's on my mind. I just use myriad platforms now to do what I did for 16, 17 years at The Dallas Morning News.

I had a meeting with Marty Moe, who oversees all things sports at AOL, when I first started penning a column for them once a week well over a year ago. I asked him what a blog was. He said it is an instrument to deliver information. I think we've gotten caught up in tags and some people with blogs may have given that tag a pejorative definition. But it needn't have one. It's not like journalism in any form is high on the respect meter with much of the public anyway.

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