2011 Super Bowl Commercials

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2011 Super Bowl Commercials

For those who were at parties where everyone spoke a little too loud or those who just want to see them again - here are all the Super Bowl commercials, broken up into categories. This year saw a lot more car ads, doubling in number, and fewer food and drink ads in comparison to last year. Not seen here are all the Fox and NFL promos. If you're interested in those, take a look over at FanHouse.




Brisk - Eminem

Coca-Cola - Border

Coca-Cola - Seige

Doritos - The Best Part

Doritos - House Sitting

Doritos - Pug Attack

Jack in the Box - I Love America

Pepsi MAX - First Date

Pepsi MAX - Love Hurts

Pepsi MAX - Torpedo Cooler

Snickers - Logging

Audi - Release the Hounds

Bridgestone - Carma

Bridgestone - Reply All

BMW X3 - Defying Logic

BMW - Diesel Has Changed

Chevy Camaro - Ms. Evelyn

Chevy Cruze - Elderly Misunderstanding

Chevy Cruze - Status Update

Chevy Silverado - Tommy

Chevy Volt - Discovery

Chrysler - Eminem "Imported From Detroit"

Hyundai Elantra - Compact Car Deprogramming

Hyundai Sonata - Anachronistic City

Kia Optima - One Epic Ride

Mercedes-Benz - Welcome

Mini Cooper - Cram It in the Boot

Suzuki - Kizashi vs. Wicked Weather

Volkswagon - Black Beetle

Volkswagon -The Force

CareerBuilder.com - Parking Lot

CarMax - '50s Gas Station

CarMax - Kid in a Candy Store

Cars.com - Go First

Cars.com - Talking Cars

Chatter.com - Black Eyed Peas 15 Seconds

Chatter.com - Will.i.am

E*Trade - Tailor

GoDaddy.com - The Contract

GoDaddy.com - New GoDaddy Girl

Groupon - Tibet

HomeAway - Ministry of Tourism

Teleflora.com - Help Me Faith


Trailers Technology Beer Other

Cowboys & Aliens

Fast Five


Pirates of the Caribbean



Best Buy - Bieber & Ozzy

Motorola - Empower the People

Samsung - Sneezing Bear

Sony Ericsson Xperia - Robot with Thumbs

Bud Light - Dog Sitter

Bud Light - Hack Job

Bud Light - Product Placement

Budweiser - Wild West

Stella Artois - Crooning Brody

NFL - TV American Families

Sealy - After Glow

Skechers - Kim Kardashian


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