9 Questions with AJ Daulerio
1. How's the Face?
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: It's Super Bowl week, which means there are rather silly bets made between the mayor's cities.  For the NFC Championship, you made your own bet with former Deadspin editor Will Leitch, and you lost, which meant you had to take a cookie sheet to the face and "get a tattoo of a buzzsaw on the top side of my right buttock."  So, how's the face?  And how much do you regret following through with actually getting the tattoo?

Daulerio: The face is fine, actually. I was a little dazed after the initial impact, but I assure you it wasn't as bad as it looked. Plus, as many of our commenters pointed out, I leaned forward ECW-style to let the front of my skull absorb most of the hit. I still didn't expect him to swing that hard. I think Leitch has been mainlining Wistrol.

Oh, and I forget about the tattoo most of the time. It looks ridiculous and it's now in that weird molting stage where the skin falls off and all that. It's kind of gross. But honestly: I would have regretted it more had I not followed through with it. I was confident in my team. They failed me. Again. But now I'll always be reminded for all eternity that it's never wise to put too much on the line when you're a Philadelphia Eagles fan. So no more tattoo bets.

‹‹ RCS Interviews AJ Daulerio 2. Is McNabb Done in Philly? ››

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