9 Questions with AJ Daulerio
3. Has Leitch's Influence Changed?
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: Getting back to Leitch for a moment ... Shortly after you took over as Deadspin editor in June, you said, "I think Will's success at Deadspin and in his career would be a daunting task for anybody to follow. Our friendship has made that less of a worry and I'm always inevitably talking about the site with him anyway so to me, it doesn't feel like he's fully left. I like that. The readers like that. And I think the longer his stamp of approval and his contributions remain on the site, the better it will be."  Now, six months later, how has Leitch's influence evolved since the time you took over?

Daulerio: I don't know if you could say it has evolved; it's honestly pretty much the same. I'll still go to him for guidance on how he would handle a particular post and sometimes I won't. There's rarely been an occasion where he's disagreed with how I've handled something so far and I haven't had any problems with how he's handled the "Emeritus" role. I keep him up to date on any changes personnel-wise or feature-wise on the site. 

Oh, there has been some "tag" problems. There is this "alert" tag that was added to all Gawker blogs to indicate a breaking or big story on the front page. Will began using that tag anytime he wrote something, which is not the ideal use of that tag. I'm like, you do realize that tag is not meant to be your personalized doorbell, right? He understood. Kind of.

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