9 Questions with AJ Daulerio
2. Is McNabb Done in Philly?
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: As you point out, it was another disappointment for the Eagles, and their fans.  In a chat on Tuesday, NFL Network's Adam Schefter said that Donovan McNabb returning to the Eagles "…has the makings of a Brett Favre drama written on it."  Was the late season run enough to save his job?  And why does is seem like no one in Philadelphia wants him around?

Daulerio: I don't know if his job was ever really in jeopardy. I think it would have been a little different had Kevin Kolb come in against Baltimore and completely lit it up. Regardless of what Deion Sanders says, I think McNabb's back next year. And I wish I could answer for all of the Philly haters who've been dogging McNabb, but I love the guy. He's always had these quirks about him that have never been endearing to a lot of the Philly crowd. As engaging and charismatic as he can be at times, he's also moody and listless. Oh, and weird.

But that's not only in Philly. His career has always been one where people accentuate the negative. I mean, did you listen to Troy Aikman during the NFC Championship game? You would've thought Tarvaris Jackson was out there if you were listening to that game on the radio. McNabb is consistently underrated and scrutinized over things that have rarely had any impact on the games he's played. I think there will be some haggling over money and McNabb will do everything possible to get as much guaranteed dollars tacked on to his contract, but I'm confident that the Eagles will do everything possible to bring him back. We need him here.

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