9 Questions with AJ Daulerio
8. What do you Hope to be Remembered for as Editor at Deadspin?
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: You have described well what Leitch's influence has been, and continues to be.  What do you hope to be remembered for as editor at Deadspin?

Daulerio: I dunno. It's tough to think of it that way since I have no plans to leave anytime soon. Obviously this isn't the same site when Will left. Many, many people have made me quite aware of that fact. Some have even formed Facebook groups. The reality is that this site has grown (for better or for worse) and how it needs to be handled -- or, sorry, "edited" -- is completely different than it was six months ago. Right now, realizing that is my greatest strength. I have as much reverence for the Old Deadspin as many of the people who've dropped off and left since I took over. And that's fine. It's fine because many new people have replaced them. And, yes, the days of Deadspin being an exclusive little club are probably long gone but that doesn't mean it's ruined.

People who read blogs have a very myopic view of them. Some read them end-to-end throughout the day and want a long-running narrative; some just stop by to read about the subjects or the writers they like; some just come by to chat with their friends in the comments or work on their comedy routines with anonymous strangers. Anytime there's a minor change or a shift in the routine, it's usually not looked upon favorably. We all deal. Yes, I'll most likely be rememebered as the Deadspin editor who s*** his pants on a date with Linda Cohn, or the guy who got wacked in the face with the cookie sheet, or the guy who was in charge while a fat baby with an eyeliner mustache won the SHOTY award and, you know what, there are far worse things to put on an online headstone. But the reality is the main role I have on this site is identifying what works, what doesn't, and to help grow this audience. So far, so good.

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