11 Questions with Chuck Todd
1. Politics Preparation for Sports?
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: Many of our readers will recognize you as the NBC Political Director and White House Correspondent, as well as the former Editor-in-Chief of the National Journal’s Hotline. What fewer readers might not know, however, is that at only 24-years old, you were a co-founder and the first managing editor of Sports Business Daily

How did your experience in sports media prepare you for a career in political media?

Todd: There’s the same amount of quid pro quos. Everything is done on the side. There’s sports agents and lobbyists, who probably come from the same DNA. There’s probably the same original Adam for lobbyists; there’s probably the same original Adam for sports agents. Politicians and players, they’re both very good at saying clichés all the time: Just one game at a time; just one piece of legislation at a time.

There’s a lot of differences I think in covering it. But in elections, it’s amazing how many political experts you find that are very into baseball. The statistical aspect of it all and the way elections work, and the way baseball works -- all the sports in general, but particularly baseball. There’s the same amount of passion. It comes with people. Hardcore Republicans or hardcore Democrats have a pretty similar passion for sports, similar to, for instance, college football.

RCS Interviews Chuck Todd

‹‹ RCS Interviews Chuck Todd 2. What Makes Good? ››

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