10 Questions with John Swofford
6. BCS Restructuring Plan Rejected
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS:  At the Collegiate Commissioners Association meeting in Colorado Springs, Mountain West Conference Commissioner Craig Thompson proposed a BCS restructuring plan that included new conference qualification requirements and a special committee to determine end-of-season rankings.

Why was this proposal rejected by the other conference commissioners?

Commissioner Swofford:  The proposal was evaluated by the presidents, athletic directors, faculty members and coaches in every conference.    The commissioners are the coordinating board of the BCS, but they represent their member institutions and they took the Mountain West proposal to their conference meetings in the spring after having received it in March.

A number of aspects of the Mountain West proposal had been discussed and not advanced before that.  But it was fully discussed by the commissioners in April, and then they took it back to the members.

The ten conferences, plus the University of Notre Dame, all reported that they were not supportive of the proposal.  Without dissension, they committed to the contract with ESPN and the commitments to the bowls for the 2011-14 BCS cycle.

There was a willingness to hear other proposals for whatever might take place after that.

The next week, each commissioner gave a similar report to the Presidential Oversight Committee.  The presidents also agreed to move forward with the contractual commitments.  So that’s where we are as we move forward to the next four-year cycle.

10 Questions with Commissioner Swofford

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