10 Questions with John Swofford
8. Personal Feelings vs. BCS Responsibilities
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS:  You are a particularly interesting person in the BCS debate because you haven't always supported the status quo. Last year, Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive proposed a Plus One model, which would have created a four-team playoff from the Bowl Championship Series standings. But, according to the New York Times, of the major conference commissioners, only you and Commissioner Slive supported the proposal.

In this BCS debate, is it difficult to reconcile difference in your personal feelings about the current BCS system with the responsibilities of your job?

Commissioner Swofford:  I think the BCS isn’t necessarily perfect in the eyes of any single commissioner, or the members of any conference for that matter.  But we work on this together for the best for college football. When I say “we,” I’m of course speaking of institutions within each conference, and then each of the conferences together through their commissioners and presidents.

While Mike Slive and I were supportive of the “Plus One” model, we accepted the fact  that if the majority of the group didn’t support it, then it was not going to go forward.  The group has to settle on a system that is acceptable to the group and will accomplish the rather simple objectives of the BCS.  When that model was fully vetted and discussed at all levels, there simply was not enough support for it.

Once it was obvious that that was the case, we (the ACC) made the decision, as did the SEC, that we would move forward fully supportive of the BCS and its format for the next four-year period.  We don’t all get exactly what we want all the time.

10 Questions with Commissioner Swofford

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