10 Questions with John Swofford
9. Threat of Legislation
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS:  The last sentence of Senator Hatch's SI column is, "One thing is clear: No changes will take place if Congress does nothing." He has said if the BCS doesn't reform itself and if the Department of Justice antitrust division doesn't take on the case, he will introduce legislation. It is likely that this legislation will not only have bipartisan support, but the support of the President of the United States.

How have the major conferences and conference commissioners prepared for this scenario?

Commissioner Swofford:  Well we’ll just have to see how that plays out.  Ten of the 11 conferences that play at this level have signed a contract to go forward with this format for the next 5 years, including the upcoming season.  That’s a very strong commitment by the institutions that play the game.

Dating back to the Bowl Alliance and the Bowl Coalition, the arrangements that preceded the BCS, there has been an evolution, and it has given more opportunity to the conferences that did not previously have great access to the major bowls.  There have been a lot of pluses to the BCS both competitively and from an access standpoint. 

RCS:  Are the conferences prepared to change if legislation is introduced and passed?

Commissioner Swofford: Well, I don’t know.  That would certainly put college football in a very different realm.

10 Questions with Commissioner Swofford

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