12 Questions With Senator Orrin Hatch
8. Should Contract Wait on Senate Hearings?
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: So should college football and ESPN delay their July 9th contract date until the Senate has their hearings?

Sen. Hatch: Well no, I can't speak for them. All I can say is I would hope the BCS Commissioners and the people who are doing this to all the teams would consider some of these points that we're raising here. They're legitimate points.

All of us have been raised in America seeing the elite have advantages that others don't have. We're kind of used to it. But when it comes to something like collegiate football, and you clearly have about 50% of these teams not treated fairly; that's taking elitism too far.

I know what the break down is. One team has a vote. Just one team in this country: Notre Dame. That's a great team, a great school, and has seriously had great teams all these years. But that's not right. I don't care what anybody says. If they're serious about a compromise, then executing this contract at such an early date is not very helpful. It doesn't look to me like they're trying to compromise at all.

You know this isn't just Utah that's being treated unfairly. You can go to Boise State and ask them -- they were undefeated at the end of the regular season last year. In fact, both Boise State and Texas Christian finished higher than two teams with automatic bids last season. Yet two teams with multiple losses were able to qualify for a lucrative BCS game, even though they were ranked lower in the BCS's own poll. In addition to Utah last year, other teams in recent years, including Boise State and Hawaii, have gone undefeated, but were left out of the national title picture.

We all know that college sports in general are big on tradition. There are schools that have winning traditions, and there are teams that are always going to be favored in the media and even among fans, like Notre Dame. We've all been raised with that, and I think most people accept that.

But there's another tradition: The Cinderella story. The team that defies the odds, and despite its humble location and unknown roster, plays its way into National prominence. Now we see that in NCAA Basketball Tournament all the time. The BCS, more or less, makes it impossible for these Cinderella teams to contend for the National Championship. I think that takes a real good aspect of the game away. I'm serious. I think this is important.

12 Questions with Sen. Orrin Hatch

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