Top 10 Dumbest Self-Inflicted Injuries
5. Alex Stepney
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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Are you a screamer? On Sundays, do you sit in front in front the television and let flow from your mouth a steady stream of obscenities as holding calls, stone hands, turnovers, referees, bad tackling and even worse play-calling screw over your team. It's actually kind of fun, right? Never seen the harm in it, have you?

Now, you will.

In 1975, Manchester United goaltender Alex Stepney proved to himself and Premier League fans that extreme screaming is a vice and sometimes a moderate voice is a virtue. During a game versus Birmingham, Stepney yelled at his defenders with such force that he dislocated his jaw and embarrassed himself throughout eternity.

‹‹ 6. Chris Hanson & Jaret Holmes 4. Glenallen Hill ››

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