Top 10 Dumbest Self-Inflicted Injuries
9. Gus Frerotte
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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Until Zinedine Zidane famously exited the World Cup Finals in 2006, the most famous headbutt title belonged to NFL journeyman quarterback Gus Frerotte. In 1997 Frerotte had established himself as the starter for the Washington Redskins after earning a trip to the Pro Bowl the previous year. But fans in Washington don't easily remember that part of the Frerotte era. No, Washington remembers Frerotte for his role in a tie game versus the New York Giants -- and no, not because he didn’t know that games could end in ties.

Late in the first half, Frerotte ran the ball in from one yard out and proceeded to run past the endzone, where he spiked the ball and gave the wall a solid headbutt. Frerotte recoiled from the hit and winced in pain as he tried to get his helmet off. After being tended to by the Redskins trainers, he was able to go back on the field for the next possession, but at halftime he was taken to a nearby hospital for tests and did not return. Frerotte only had a sprained neck and was able to play the following week, but his headbutt will always be the defining moment of his NFL career -- at least to Redskins fans.

‹‹ 10. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 8. Bobby Cruickshank ››

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