Top 10 Dumbest Self-Inflicted Injuries
6. Chris Hanson & Jaret Holmes
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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Punters and kickers have never been fully accepted as part of their team. They’re not in the trenches and rarely have any real physical contact on the field. They usually live quite a different lifestyle from the rest of their teammates and this injury demonstrates that better than anything. Whereas Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg while out at a club, Jags Punter Chris Hanson and kicker Jaret Holmes burnt themselves on a fondue pot. Maybe Hanson and Holmes had listened to a little too much rap music and didn’t quite understand the phrase “drop it like it’s hot.” Hanson and his wife had invited Holmes over for dinner and while they were moving the fondue pot it slipped and the contents burned both players. Hanson suffered first and second-degree burns on his his hands and right ankle.

The Hansons threw the pot out shortly after.

‹‹ 7. Milton Bradley 5. Alex Stepney ››

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