Top 10 Asian-American Athletes

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Tiger Woods

Almost every ethnic group in the world can lay a claim on Tiger Woods, a self-described "Cablinasian." But while he is considered by many as an African-American, by blood Woods is actually much more Asian than black - if his and his father Earl's claims of their ancestry are to be believed.

Though Earl had a huge impact on shaping Woods' golf career, Tiger's mother's influence on his upbringing should not be overlooked. Woods was raised as a Buddhist and actively practiced this faith from childhood until well into his professional golf career. Kultida Punsawad, the daughter of a tin mine owner in Thailand, met Earl Woods while he was a U.S. Army Ranger fighting the Vietnam War and eventually married and moved with him to Southern California, where Tiger was born and raised.

Even if his reputation is tarnished by recent revelations of infidelity and subsequent divorce, Woods remains very popular in Asia. He makes regular appearances in China, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong and is a highly visible commercial presence there as well. Of course, he holds every single meaningful golf record for a person of color - Asian or otherwise.

Top 10 Asian-American Athletes

11 / 11
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