Top 10 Athlete Mothers

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Top 10 Athlete Mothers

It’s rare that women get the spotlight in the sporting world. The men always dominate the headlines, but with Mother’s Day approaching we decided to focus our attention on the moms of the world.

Being a professional athlete is demanding and takes complete focus to stay in shape and on top of your game. But being a professional athlete and a mom? Now that’s a whole other level of determination.

Male athletes are lauded when they come back from various injuries and are able to perform at a high level again. But being pregnant transforms a body much more than almost any sports injury. It puts a female athlete out for at least a few months while her body undergoes dramatic changes, including gaining about 30 pounds. And to come right back to the sport they left is nothing less than miraculous.

While all moms should be recognized on Mother’s Day, here are 10 special moms who are still managing to balance their family and their career as an athlete.

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