Top 10 Athletes Who Don't Play in America

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Best Athletes Who Don't Play in America

Many of the world's best athletes - and the best paid ones - make their living in the United States. Some play in the big four North American sports leagues, such as baseball's Ichiro Suzuki (Japan), basketball's Yao Ming (China) and numerous Swedes and Russians in the National Hockey League. A few others make many appearances in the U.S. as individuals, for example, tennis greats Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Rafael Nadal (Spain), and U.S. Open golf champions Geoff Ogilvy (Australia) and Retief Goosen (South Africa).

But there are many others who almost never set foot in the U.S. for competition and despite being celebrities in many corners of the world, they'd be able to come to the States unmolested by the crowds and media. On occasion, they make an appearance on U.S. television sets, as Tour de France winner Alberto Contador did the past three weeks, but mostly, they're not part of the American sporting landscape.



Here's our list of the top 10 Best Athletes Who Don't Play in America:

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