Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It’s tough to try and follow in one’s father’s footsteps. It’s even tougher when that father won sseven Sprint Cup titles and was probably the most famous NASCAR driver ever. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had a fairly successful racing career but the attention he has received from having that famous last name far exceeds his racing accomplishments.

Just this past weekend Earnhardt Jr. finished third at Martinsville Speedway. Many drivers would be thrilled with this result but for Earnhardt it extended his losing streak to 135 races. There was a time when it looked like he was going to be the future of the sport. In 2003 he finished third in the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings and the following season he won six races. But he has won just one race since joining Hendrick Motorsports in 2008.

Despite the results, the money keeps pouring in. Forbes reports that in 2010 he made $29 million. Earnhardt Jr. is actually doing quite well this season and currently sits in second place in the Sprint Cup standings. Maybe that losing streak will end sooner rather than later. With his popularity, NASCAR would certainly love that.

Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

5 / 11
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