Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

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Jeremy Lin

When he first burst onto the scene Jeremy Lin was worthy of all the press he got. The first Asian-American NBA star and a Harvard grad, Lin had slipped through the fingers of many teams and only found his way onto the court through a series of injuries to players ahead of him on the depth chart. And he didn’t just find his way onto the court; he led the New York Knicks to seven straight wins, most without stars Carmelo Anthony or Amar’e Stoudemire, while averaging over 20 points and eight assists per game.

After a few games "Linsanity" erupted. Lin has had the best-selling jersey in the NBA since Feb. 4 (his breakout game) and "Linsanity" has already met the criteria to be considered an English-language word. Since his initial outburst Lin has been a solid NBA player, still pouring in points and dishing out assists, but also turning the ball over as much as anyone in the NBA. He’s solid, but solid players don’t get their own entire segments day in and day out on sports news shows. Solid players aren’t supposed get Sports Illustrated and Time magazine covers, Jeremy Lin did.

With Lin scheduled to undergo surgery this week for a torn meniscus, his season is over and no one can be sure what the future holds for the free-agent to be. But one thing is for certain, there won’t be a lack of media coverage on whatever happens.

Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

9 / 11
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