Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

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Manny Ramirez

The resume is superb – a 12-time all-star, nine-time Silver Slugger, two-time Hank Aaron award winner, two-time World Series champion and one-time World Series MVP. His career stats include 555 home runs and a batting average of over .300. But as impressive as his career has been, his recent years give us no reason to pay much attention to Manny Ramirez anymore.

In 2009 Ramirez was suspended 50 games for violating the league’s drug policy while with the Dodgers. After returning to the field Manny was not the same player he had been before as his numbers dropped across the board. In 2011 Ramirez was with the Rays, but retired a mere five games into the season (during which he had gone 1-for-17) after he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs again and faced a 100-game suspension.

Ramirez is back in baseball, now with the Oakland A’s, having had his suspension reduced from 100 to 50 games. When he returns to the field it will surely be a media circus, but why should it be?

Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

4 / 11
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