Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

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Tim Tebow

His following is unquestionably the most loyal in all of sports. The reason could be his devout religious beliefs or his unconventional style of play, but there is no denying that Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing sports figures. He was loved and lauded as a college player at Florida, but few experts thought he had the right type of game to play quarterback in the NFL. Those reservations didn’t keep the Denver Broncos from drafting him in the first round, and they didn’t keep Tebow’s fans from believing in him.

After showing some promise his rookie season Tebow started the 2011 campaign on the bench before eventually replacing Kyle Orton and setting off a media firestorm. Tebow routinely played awfully in games, but somehow the Broncos kept pulling off miracle comebacks and the legend of Tebow was born. With Tebow under center the Broncos went 7-1 before dropping their last three games and debates raged as to whether Tebow was the reason for Denver’s success or if they were successful in spite of him.

After a stunning playoff victory over Pittsburgh Tebow seemed to have secured his spot as the Broncos starting QB for 2012. But that was before the Peyton Manning saga, which ended with the Colts’ legend coming to Denver. Suddenly there was no room for Tebow.

So where does the player that the media can’t get enough of end up? In the media center of the world, of course, where he will be a the world’s most glorified backup QB with the Jets. But whether he plays or holds a clipboard, the talk of Tebow won't be going away anytime soon.

Top 10 Athletes Who Get More Attention Than They Deserve

11 / 11
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