Top 10 Lavish Ballpark Foods

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6. Gilroy Garlic Fries

Gilroy Garlic Fries
AT&T Park
San Francisco, CA

Gordon Biersch, the chain brewery restaurant, added the perfect carb partner to their beer in 1988.  Little did they know, the Gilroy garlic fries would eventually become a staple for Giants fans when visiting AT&T Park.  The crispy fries paired with a heavy dose of fresh minced garlic and parsley have made the traditional peanuts and Cracker jacks a thing of the past.

The Gilroy Garlic fries stands, referencing the garlic mecca, Gilroy, CA, have recently followed trend with the stadium's green initiative.  With earth-friendly upgrades, their fry stands and coolers are currently saving over 60 percent of energy, or enough to cook over 110 tons of the famous fries.  Just don't forget your breath mints.


Top 10 Lavish Ballpark Foods

6 / 11
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