Top 10 Lavish Ballpark Foods

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Top 10 Lavish Ballpark Foods

The Major League Baseball season got in full swing Monday afternoon, with a majority of teams beginning their 2009 season.  If you were one of the lucky fans that attended and Opening Day game, you may have noticed some new eats at your favorite ballpark.  More and more teams are introducing new, lavish foods – it ain’t peanuts and Cracker Jacks anymore.

As a day at the park becomes more and more about the overall entertainment, teams are expanding their menus, and not just for those in the luxury seats.

When the two New York clubs debut their new stadiums next week, the average fan will able to choose from pulled pork sandwiches, fried local flounder sandwiches, freshly cut steak sandwiches and even lobster rolls.  While Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are the newest, they are hardly the first parks to feature fancy foods that one might expect to see at a four-star restaurant.

The Cleveland Indians have Strickland’s Frozen Custard, a treat that has been around for 70 years.  The Royals features Gates BBQ at Kaufman Stadium, supplying their fans with some of Kansas City’s best.  In Cincinnati, where chili is king, Reds fans can enjoy the Cheese Coney from Skyline, a hot dog with chili and cheese (while Dusty Baker runs their team into the ground).  And then there’s all the hot dog specialties: Fenway Franks; Dodger Dogs; and of course, bratwursts in Milwaukee (complete with the Stadium Secret Sauce). 

While those are indeed tasty treats, they don’t quite measure up to some of baseball’s fanciest foods.  From Gordon Biersch’s garlic french fries in San Francisco to a BBQ stuffed baked potato in Houston to the Ybor City Cuban in Tampa, the Top 10 Lavish MLB Ballpark Foods are sure to fulfill even the hungriest of appetites.  Dig in.

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