Top 10 BBQ Sports
10. Frisbee
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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There is a lot that can be done with a Frisbee.  You can throw a Frisbee around with your dog.  You can do tricks with it. You can play Frisbee golf.  You can play Ultimate.  You can even drink out of it.  

If you play Ultimate Frisbee, you'd probably get mad at the idea of Frisbee being a BBQ sport.  But to most of America, a Frisbee serves only one purpose: for throwing around at a summer cookout.  If you're talented you can try out different throws - backhands, flicks, hammers, scoobers - with the disc in one hand and a cool summer beverage in the other as the day turns into night.  You can also try any number of variations of yard games that involve throwing a Frisbee at stationary objects (usually cups or bottles).

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‹‹ Top 10 BBQ Sports 9. Lawn Darts ››

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