Best and Worst MLB Free Agent Signings
Reggie Jackson
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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Reggie Jackson - Signed by New York Yankees in 1976, five years, $2.96 million.

Note to future free agents: before arriving at your new team, do not give interviews calling yourself "the straw that stirs the drink," particularly if you go on to disparage the team's popular captain by adding that he "can only stir it bad." Reggie certainly did stir things up, joining the AL Champion Yankees and leading them to back-to-back World Series titles, the first season featuring a near fistfight with manager Billy Martin in the dugout but culminating in his World Series Game-6 heroics: three home runs on three consecutive pitches. He clinched the nickname "Mr. October" with his Yankees performances, proving to be every bit as magnificent as he said he was.

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